Uncaging One Thousand Cranes

100 colorful origami cranes

In Japanese tradition, if you fold 1,000 origami cranes your wish will come true. This project, Uncaging One Thousand Cranes, is a response to the over 1,000 refugee children being held in concentration camps. (Edit: the number of children in concentration camps is now over 10,000.) I’m building a 7’x7’x7′ frame that symbolizes a cage. And from the ceiling of that cage, I’m going to hang 1,000 origami cranes. The cage is of course the concentration camps that Trump has opened, and each crane I fold is a prayer for a child being held in one. When completed, I will open the cage and release the cranes, with the wish that the children will be released from the camps.

Picture of the cage being used for the Uncaging One Thousand Cranes project
The cage with some sample cranes hanging within

The original idea came as I was despairing about what was happening at the border and the feeling of helplessness and having no way to express it. And this is my response, a wish borne upon one thousand pairs of wings beating against the cages of despair.

100 colorful origami cranes
Some of the cranes for the project

But it doesn’t just have to be symbolism. I want to raise $1,000 to send to RAICES Texas to help migrant children being held in cages. Think of this as a fold-a-thon–sponsor me for, say, a penny per crane and that would result in a donation of $10 to RAICES Texas.

Cranes hanging on wires
Sample cranes on wires

You can sign up to my newsletter to find out more about the project and how to support it. Or you can donate to RAICES Texas directly.