Living Online

Chronic illness has drastically reduced the amount of social contact I have. I rarely get out of the house, and am quickly exhausted when I do. My sleep schedule is mostly nocturnal and fairly erratic which makes it hard to coordinate with others. Furthermore, the unpredictability of my pain makes me unreliable and makes planning ahead difficult.

I’m also struggling with depression. Which makes me not want to see people. Which results in isolation. Which exacerbates the depression. [Later, rinse, repeat] So I need to do something about that. The obvious solution is the internet–blogging and social media are asymmetric (so it accomodates my erratic schedule) and doesn’t require painful physical activity on my part.

The big problem is that it requires me to write. I’ve never been much of a writer (I’ve always been a *reader*). My pain makes it very difficult to summon the concentration to write. Then my meds further cloud my ability to think. And top it off with apathy (courtesy of the depression) which saps all of my motivation and writing becomes a nearly insurmountable challenge.

Nevertheless, I’m making a concerted effort to live online more: to be active in blogging and keeping people up to date with how I’m doing on Twitter and Facebook. This is the next step in my fight against depression. And I’m hoping you guys will come along on the ride.

About Me

My name is Wink Chin. I’m a disabled, Chinese-American, gender non-conforming male. I was born in 1974, married C in 1997, and we are adoptive parents to two kids: P (born in 2003), and F (born in 2005). I have three main topics I plan on blogging about: my health/disability, my former faith, and feminism/gender issues.

I have a number of ongoing health concerns. The most serious are the disabling ones: chronic cluster headaches, and chronic testicular nerve pain. Then come the merely disruptive ones: insomnia, depression, and episodic nerve pain. Expect to hear a lot of general complaining about my health, and thoughts about disability and chronic illness.

Former Evangelicalism
Growing up, I had an unusually close relationship with God. My whole life, I’ve been a devout Evangelical. I went to seminary and got my MDiv with the goal of eventually teaching in a seminary. But in 2013, my already unusual relationship with God took some wildly unexpected turns. Now I find myself adrift and I no longer know how to describe my relationship with God except to say that we aren’t on great terms.

I feel passionately about Social Justice, in particular Feminism and dismantling the Gender Binary. So expect to hear lots about feminism, gender, and various non-binary topics, with a particular focus on gender non-conforming and transgender issues.