About Me

My name is Wink Chin. I’m a disabled, Chinese-American, gender non-conforming male. I was born in 1974, married C in 1997, and we are adoptive parents to two kids: P (born in 2003), and F (born in 2005). I have three main topics I plan on blogging about: my health/disability, my former faith, and feminism/gender issues.

I have a number of ongoing health concerns. The most serious are the disabling ones: chronic cluster headaches, and chronic testicular nerve pain. Then come the merely disruptive ones: insomnia, depression, and episodic nerve pain. Expect to hear a lot of general complaining about my health, and thoughts about disability and chronic illness.

Former Evangelicalism
Growing up, I had an unusually close relationship with God. My whole life, I’ve been a devout Evangelical. I went to seminary and got my MDiv with the goal of eventually teaching in a seminary. But in 2013, my already unusual relationship with God took some wildly unexpected turns. Now I find myself adrift and I no longer know how to describe my relationship with God except to say that we aren’t on great terms.

I feel passionately about Social Justice, in particular Feminism and dismantling the Gender Binary. So expect to hear lots about feminism, gender, and various non-binary topics, with a particular focus on gender non-conforming and transgender issues.